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When a talented artists destiny to change the world is destroyed, people from the future come back to restore his true path.
But their mission won’t be simple: Planet X, a very powerful organisation in the future will do everything in their power to prevent them.


Revolution X is a time-twisting film of good against evil. It tells a story of humanity and the grounding, undeniable power of human will. Through the juxtaposition of positive and negative forces, the consequences of disregard to our individual purposes, parallels the liberation that comes with empathy and connection.

By transcending time and reality, the dual narrative explores the debate of nature vs nurture, and their impact on our spiritual purpose.

The film rejects conventions of mainstream sci-fi that conforms to an action orientated spectacle, and instead focuses on the why rather than the what, allowing for a thoughtful production.


The time travel element is introduced slowly through out the film to enable the focus to be placed on character development, and the intricacies of their relationships.

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